Results ND09 Nov 11, 2019 Tavares Any AM Draw

Previous post re “ND10”, should have been “ND09”
ND09 Nov. 11, 2019 Tavares Any AM Draw. 11 Teams
Position FSA# First Last M/F Status Club
1 6751 Mark Engel M SA Leesburg
1 5269 Gary Knox M SA Mid Florida Lakes
2 6850 Christine Inga F SA Deland
2 6375 Arlene Jabaut F SA Coronado/Mainland
3 5974 Freeda Carr F SA Hawthorne
3 6229 Marilyn Mills F D Hawthorne
4 5795 John Moody M D Mid Florida Lakes
4 5340 Marlyce Fistman F D Tavares
5 6410 Bonnie Goetzinger F SA Hawthorne
5 6162 Larry Mills M D Hawthorne
6 6922 Ethel Camp F D Hawthorne
6 6851 Joseph Inga M SA Deland
7 6673 Tom Chapman M D Tavares
7 6376 Gerald Jabaut M SA Coronado/Mainland
8 6644 Diana Vincent F D Mid Florida Lakes
8 5794 Pat Moody F D Mid Florida Lakes

Tournament Director

s: Rick Enright

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