Results ND71 (State A11)

Results of ND71 (State A11) December 30-31, 2019 held at Holiday RV Village

Congratulations to the following Amateur players who have reached their 5 Move-Up points as a result of their finishes in this tournament.

  • Joseph Inga – will move up to Pro next year.
  • Larry Mills – will advance to State Am next year.

1 6850 Christine Inga F SA Deland
1 6851 Joseph Inga M SA Deland
2 6751 Mark Engel M SA Leesburg
2 6341 Wayne Carpenter M SA Hawthorne
3 6662 Donna Lewis F SA MidFlorida Lakes
3 5867 Sharon Schulzek F SA Holiday RV Village
4 5593 Karen Basner F D Holiday RV Village
4 5592 Jim Parker M D 0
1 6375 Arlene Jabaut F SA Coronado/Mainland
1 6376 Gerald Jabaut M SA Coronado/Mainland
2 5974 Freeda Carr F SA Hawthorne
2 6712 Gloria Boring F D Holiday Travel
3 6229 Marilyn Mills F D Hawthorne
3 6162 Larry Mills M D Hawthorne
4th Chuck Andrews & Ray Sutton (Lee County in Southern District)

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