Results ND20 Jan 16-17 Hawthorne

ND20 Jan 16-17, 2020 No 2 Pros, Hawthorne, 44 Teams
1 David Nitchie Lake Point
1 Joseph Inga Deland
2 Larry Mills Hawthorne
2 Mark Goetzinger Hawthorne
3 Frank Cherill Leesburg
3 Mark Engel Leesburg
4 Ernie Bourcier Holiday RV Village
4 Ken Kissling Clerbrook
1 Wes Organ Clerbrook
1 Bill Gammell Clerbrook
2 Tom Basner Holiday RV Village
2 Karen Basner Holiday RV Village
3 Doris Hanke Hawthorne
3 Marilyn Mills Hawthorne
4 Jeffry Luneau Tavares
4 Sharon Schulzek Holiday RV Village

Tournament Directors: Steve Smith

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