Results ND21, Jan 20-21, Holiday RV Village

ND21 Jan 20-21, 2020 District AM Doubles, Holiday RV Village, 16 Teams

1 Larry Mills Hawthorne
1 Marilyn Mills Hawthorne
2 Yvon Bertin Holiday RV Village
2 Frank DeRocchi Hawthorne
3 Gloria Boring Holiday Travel
3 Suzanne DeRocchi Hawthorne
4 Debbie Evans Coronado/Mainland
4 Cindy Wonson Coronado/Mainland
1 Ernie Bourcier Holiday RV Village
1 Arlene Hrinik Hawthorne
2 Ernest Farnsworth Clerbrook
2 Ben Brannock Clerbrook <corrected
3 Ethel Camp Hawthorne
3 Judy Kolczynski Clerbrook
4 Carl Collin Mid Florida Lakes
4 Cliff Estes Mid Florida Lakes

Tournament Directors: Gale Lynch

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