P20B Gains ND Honours Noted by Lorraine

Your webmaster’s apologies that when I forwarded Lorraine’s original email to the website, the website security software blocked everything except one attachment. Here are Lorraine’s comments: –

From Lorraine –
The State Pro Tournament P20B, which was held at Leesburg Mon, and Tues. Feb. 10,11, 2020, has proven to be more than half of the honors staying within our District.
The Team of Rod Lewis from MFL and David Nitchie from Lake Point, took top honors in the Men’s Division. This gives both of these players the honor of a Lifetime entry into the T.O.C. at the State level. Northern District players, also, took 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the Consolation.

In the Ladies division 2nd Place in the Main event, showed the hard work of 2 of our Amateur players, Susan DeRocchi of Hawthorne and Gloria Boring of Holiday RV Village. Results of this match had to be extended with 4 hammers to achieve a winner. Northern District Players, also took 4th place in that Event. 7 players in the Consoldation Event in Ladies were from the N.D.

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