About Us

Name: the Northern District of the Florida Shuffleboard Association (NDFSA)

Mission: Promote the game of shuffleboard within our district as defined by the Florida  Shuffleboard Association (FSA). Map

About US: We are an organization of Shuffleboard Clubs,  which promote all aspects of the game of shuffleboard.  We assist in the formation and organization of new clubs, facilitate and direct tournaments and encourage inter and intra club contests.  The NDFSA encourages the use of playing rules of the FSA State and District Official Shuffleboard Rules and Regulations.

Duties of the Officers of the organization (Click on any of the following to see the position Description):
President Duties
1st Vice President Duties
2nd Vice President Duties
3rd Vice President Duties
4th Vice President Duties
Secretary Duties
Treasurer Responsibilities
State and Alternate State Delegate Duties

Description of Committees and Appointed Positions:
Keeper of Records Duties

1 thought on “About Us

  1. Due to a conflict between northern tournament ND23 and state tournament A13b both scheduled for Any AM Dbls on the 30th of January, 2022, Clermont Club has agreed to hold ND23 tournament on 23rd of January one week earlier.
    If possible, please but this change on the internet as an announcement with an updated ND revised schedule.


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