Click on one of the following links to see the applicable Northern District Points Report for the 2021-22 season. For FSA Hall-of-Fame please see the FSA website.
Note: Beginning January 7 2022, after ND17 and ND18, the reports show additional pages to show October to December on the first page and other odd page #s, and to show January through March on page 2 and other even page #s. When looking at a report, scroll down to find your name with points from October – December, then scroll once more to see your points from January – March.

For a information about Move-Up, Tournament of Champions (TOC), Masters and Hall-Of-Fame, click -> About Points and Tournaments

*Hall-Of-Fame Note: Beginning October 2019, Amateurs no longer receive additioan HOF points, but will retain existing HOF points Per ND Minutes March 23, 2019.

If you see an error in any report please contact your webmaster, Bill Boyes, by making a Reply below, or by sending en email to shuffleboardbill@gmail.com.

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