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Northern District Elections – Nominations


At this time, we are accepting nominations for all board positions.  Pres. 1st Vice, 2nd Vice, 3rd  Vice, 4th Vice, Sec. State Delegate, Alt. State Delegate, Keeper of Records/Webmaster. Our Treasurer- Bonnie Goetzinger was elected in early Nov. by way of an email vote. She is already assuming duties. She will take the oath of office with all other elected positions in March, if a physical meeting can be held. 

Please ask your club members if they are interested in any position. It is very helpful if a nominee has had some experience at either club or district level. But, our present board is very willing to work with all new board members in learning a position.  Anyone holding a position at this time and wishes to remain on the board may self nominate with no second needed. All new persons who put their names up for nomination must have a nominator and a second to the motion. We need nominations to be submitted by Feb. 8, 2021. Job descriptions are posted on the website of the ND under “About Us” and then click on the position. Once we have a slate of nominees prepared, an email will be sent to all Pres. and Board members, with a deadline date to receive votes.  During our present Covid19 restrictions email voting is accepted. Results of voting will be announced by way of email and posted on the website. Only totals of for and against votes will be exposed. 

PLEASE RESPOND TO BOTH EMAILS: – Rod Lewis – appointed nominating committee. – Lorraine Layton – President ND.

We are hoping for a good response, so that the ND continues to grow with involvement of many players.  REMEMBER: We are all ambassadors for this game we all love : Shuffleboard.

Nominating  Committee  –  Rod Lewis

Shuffler Earle Ball Obtains COVID-19 Vaccination.

Earle Ball has informed the FSA website that he was successful in getting a COVID-19 virus shot. We provide you the following excerpt from the FSA website as an example so that you may check your won county website.

From the FSA website –
The following was received from Earl Ball:
Cindy (Wood) and I had the Moderna Vaccine today, 12-31-2020. If you live in Pasco ounty, Florida this is how you get the shot. Go to the website  <>. 
. …

We hope the above example provides information you can use to go and check your own county website, and that it will hopefully give clear instructions for you to follow.

Please comment on this post to tell us if you were successful or not.