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Amateur Points Report available

A new Amateur points report has been generated to recognise and hilight amateurs who have achived 5 or more points – Dwayne Toomey, Don Velcio and Roger Brown. This version includes data crediting Larry and Marilyn Mills for gaining 1 point at state tournament A15.

The new Amateur Points report can be found on the Points Page.

If you see any problems or have a suggestion please let me know – comment below or email

Pre-registration for: ND25, Any Doubles, Feb 3, in DeLand

ND25: Any Doubles Pre-registration for Tournament to be held in DeLand on Thursday February 3. Please send email to with names and your contact information. Look to this space for a list of confirmed players.  Pre-registration is available from noon Sunday through 5pm Tuesday. A minimum of 8 teams is needed for the tournament or the tournament may be cancelled or changed to a singles tournament.

  1. Bonnie Radke and Randy Radke
  2. Rod Lewis and Barb Allen
  3. Donnamarie Lewis and Carol Helfer
  4. Larry Mills and Marilyn Mills
  5. Arlene Jabaut and Jerry Jabaut
  6. Paul Hodges and Frank Cherill
  7. Zak Woson and Rex Galusha
  8. Debbie Evans and Cindy Wonson
  9. Tom Grubb and Janet Shira
  10. Diana Vincent and Ron Theriault
  11. Joe Inga and Chris Inga
  12. John Giumarra and Christine Giumarra
  13. George Snyder and Ralph Lyon
  14. Dave Dean and Tom Brown
  15. Carolyn Burrell and Richie Burrell
  16. Brad Simons and Val Simons
  17. Phyllis Sokol-Wood and Chuck Wood
  18. Dave Hall And Charlie Jones
  19. Walt Bartels and Stan Williamson
  20. Marie Wintner and Richard Demers

Mills Moves!

Congratulations Larry! You will be moving up to Pro in October.

Larry and Marilyn played together in state tournament A15 January 25, placing 4th in main, so each earned one move-up point. This point gave Larry the five points needed to move from State AM to Pro..