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ND05 & ND06 Results

Results from ND05 held Oct 27-28 at Hawthorne

ND05 Men’s Doubles, Oct 27-28, 2021. 8 Teams
1st Frank Cherill (Leesburg) and Paul Hodges (Leesburg)
2nd Zak Wonson (Coronado/Mainland) and David Nitchie (Lake Point)
3rd Allen Dronsfield (Leesburg) and George C Snyder (Clermont)
4th Ralph Lyon (Leesburg) and Tom Brown (Leesburg)
1st Vern Ivey (Inverness) and Chuck Wood (Leesburg)
2nd Ron Carr (Hawthorne) and Walter Andrews (Hawthorne)
3rd Al Carlson (Hawthorne) and Mark Goetzinger (Hawthorne)
4th Tom Allen (Clermont) and Dewayne Toomey (Clermont)

ND06 Ladies’ Doubles, Oct 27-28, 2021. 3 Teams
1st Cindy Wonson (C/M) and Nancy Andrews (Hawthorne)
2nd Donna Lewis ( MFL) and Marilyn Mills (Hawthorne)
3rd Gail Howell (Leesburg) and Cheryl Cole (Hawthorne)

Tournament Director Rod Lewis
Sponsor - DCO Flooring

State Amateur Tournaments Pre-registration

From: Rod Lewis

As posted on the FSA website:
Due to the extremely low participation in amateur tournaments A01 and A02, the Board of the Florida Shuffleboard Association has instituted a temporary preregistration requirement for all statewide amateur tournaments. If less than 12 players register for an amateur singles event or less than 10 teams register for an amateur doubles event by the posted cutoff time, the Registrar will cancel the tournament. This procedure is to take immediate effect and continue until cancelled by the board. (10/27/2021)

Tournament Schedule +

Reminder of tournament schedule to Dec 31. Adding State tournament

X ND03 14-Oct-21 TFS Any Doubles Coronado/Mainland – CANCELLED
ND04 21-Oct-21 TFS No-Two-Pros (16 frm./75 pt.) Mid-Florida Lakes
X ND05 28-Oct-21 TFS Men’s Doubles Hawthorne CANCELLED
X ND06 28-Oct-21 TFS Ladies Doubles Hawthorne CANCELLED
ND07 4-Nov-21 TFS Men’s Doubles Leesburg
ND08 4-Nov-21 TFS Ladies’ Doubles Leesburg
ND09 11-Nov-21 TFS Mixed Doubles Deland
ND10 15-Nov-21 mtw Any AM Draw Tavares Y
X ND11 18-Nov-21 TFS Any Doubles Coronado/Mainland CANCELLED
X ND12 2-Dec-21 TFS Pro Only Doubles Coronado/Mainland CANCELLED
X ND13 2-Dec-21 TFS Any Am Doubles Coronado/Mainland CANCELLED

State tournaments
X P02b 11-Oct-21 mtw Mens/Ladies Dbls. Hawthorne CANCELLED
P03b 18-Oct-21 mtw Mens/Ladies Dbls. Leesburg
P06a 8-Nov-21 mtw Mens/Ladies Dbls. Hawthorne
P09a 29-Nov-21 mtw Mens/Ladies Dbls. Hawthorne