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ND07 & ND08- Mens Doubles & Ladies Doubles at Leesburg, November 3 & 4

This tournament will be played as Any Doubles unless there are 10 teams that register in each category on November 3. Walk on teams always accepted.

Please pre-register at from NOON Sunday, October 30 to 5PM Tuesday, November 1. Send players names and phone numbers.

Mens Doubles

  1. Al Dronsfield & Ron Carr
  2. Rod Lewis & Dave Nitchie
  3. Dave Dean & Fred Neumann
  4. Frank Cherill & Ralph Lyon
  5. Vern Ivey & George Snyder
  6. Lou Kagan & Chuck Wood
  7. Joe Inga & Jerry Jabaut
  8. Walt Bartels & Rex Galusha
  9. Darryl Kenyon & Don Velcio
  10. Richie Burrell & Brad Simons
  11. Tom Allen & DeWayne Toomey
  12. Stan Williamson & John Giumarra

Ladies Doubles

  1. Debbie Evans & Arlene Jabaut
  2. Carol Helfer & Chris Inga
  3. Diana Vincent & Barbara Wade
  4. Phyllis Sokol-Wood & Arlene Hrinik
  5. Carolyn Burrell & Christine Giumarra
  6. Sharon Upson & Doris Hanke
  7. Patty Foster & Mary Jane Neumann

Results from the ND 05/06

Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND05/06, tournaments which were supposed to be an all Ladies/All Men’s competition, but due to the fact that not enough ladies signed up, the tournament was held as an Any Doubles Tournament on Oct. 28/29, 2022. Rick Enright was the tournament director and DCO Flooring was the sponsor. There were 19 teams represented. Congratulations to all the shufflers who participated.

1st Place: Bob Robinson and Ron Carr from Hawthorne
2nd Place: Vern Ivey and Dave Dean from Leesburg
3rd Place: Walt and Nancy Andrews from Hawthorne
4th Place: Arlene Jabaut and Chris Inga from Coronado/Mainland/ Deland

1st Place: Gail Howell and Mary Jane Neuman from Leesburg
2nd Place: Ralph Lyon and George Snyder from Leesburg
3rd Place: Paul Ayotte and Chuck Wood from Leesburg
4th Place: Barb Wade and Debbie Evans from Coronado/Mainland

ND05 – Mens Doubles & Ladies Doubles at Hawthorne, October 27 & 28

Currently the pre-registered mens and womens teams do not meet the ten team requirement for a tournament. Unless an additional mens team and five additional womens teams register at the tournament it will be played as an ANY DOUBLES event.

Please pre-register at from NOON Sunday, October 23 to 5PM Tuesday, October 25. Send players names and phone numbers.

Mens Doubles

  1. Rod Lewis & Larry Mills
  2. Ralph Lyon & George Snyder
  3. Dave Dean & Vern Ivey
  4. Frank Cherill & Walt Bartels
  5. Tom Allen & Dewayne Toomey
  6. Joe Inga & Jerry Jabaut
  7. Fred Neuman and David Nitchie
  8. Ron Carr & Bob Robinson
  9. Eugene Kachuck & Steve Clark

Ladies Doubles

  1. Donnamarie Lewis & Diana Vincent
  2. Carol Helfer & Freeda Carr
  3. Chris Inga & Arlene Jabaut
  4. Sharon Upson and Jane Sackmann
  5. Gail Howell & Mary Jane Neumann

Results From ND04 No Two Pros Tournament

Mid Florida Lakes hosted the ND04, No Two Pros Tournament on Oct 20/21, 2022. Rod Lewis was the tournament director and Sutor Air, All FL Roofing and Mid Florida Lakes Shuffleboard Club were the sponsors. There were 22 teams represented. Congratulations to all the shufflers who participated.

1st Place: Dave Dean and Tom Brown from Leesburg
2nd Place: Walt Bartels and Chuck Wood from Deland/Leesburg
3rd Place: Sharon Upson and Steve Smith from Hawthorne
4th Place: Zak Wonson and Janet Shira from Coronado/Mainland

1st Place: Joe Inga and Brad Simons from Deland
2nd Place: Carol Helfer and Debi Clark from Leesburg
3rd Place: Jerry Jabaut and Mark Gephart from Coronado/Mainland
4th Place: Dave Nitchie and Jaime Menendez from Lake Point/Mid Florida Lakes

Results for State Tournament P03B

Leesburg was the host for the State P03 Mens/Ladies Doubles Tournament on October 17/18th. Rod Lewis was the director. Congratulations to all the shufflers from the Northern District.

Main Event:
1st Place: Gail Howell and Carol Helfer from Leesburg

1st Place: Diana Vincent and Donna Lewis from Mid-Florida Lakes
4th Place: Sharon Upson and Doris Hanke from Hawthorne

Main Event:
4th Place: Robert Robinson and Dave Stoops from Hawthorne/Zephyrhills

1st Place: Dave Nitchie and Lewis Kagan from Lake Point/Leesburg

Results from ND03 Tournament 2022

On Oct 13 and 14, Coronado Mainland Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND 03 Any Doubles Tournament. Chris Inga was the Director Tournament. There were 14 teams and the sponsors were: Corporate sponsors: H2Health, Springhill Suites, G&W Roofing, Tina Prichard (Coldwell Banker) and the Preston Law Firm. Our Community sponsors were Anders & Anders, Davis Bros HVAC, Todd Perry (State Farm) and several club sponsors: Gail Kadar, Cindy & Zak Wonson, Jerry & Arlene Jabaut, Janet Shira and Nancy Grummer. Congratulations to all the participants for a great tournament.

1st. Place: Dennis Buelk and Zak Wonson – CMS
2nd Place: Bonnie and Randy Radke – CMS
3rd Place: Edna Triplett and Barb Wade – CMS
4th Place: Ralph Lyon and Tom Brown – Leesburg

1st Place: Debbie Evans and George Snyder – CMS/Claremont
2nd Place: Gail Howell and Dave Dean – Leesburg
3rd Place: Cindy Wonson and Janet Shira – CMS
4th Place: Richie Burrell and Brad Simmons – Deland

Chris Inga

Results for State Tournament P02b Mens/Ladies Dbles

The Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club hosted the first State Tournament on 10/10 and 10/11.  Congratulations to all the players who came for the challenge and especially those members who represented the Northern District.  Rod Lewis was the Director and All FL Roofing was the sponsor.  So, for State Tournaments, only the Northern District is posted, please visit the FSA website for more information.

Men’s Consolation:
1st Place: Ron Carr and Walter Andrews
2nd Place: Paul Prescott and Robert Robinson
4th Place: Vern Ivey and George Snyder

Women’s Main:
2nd Place: Carol Helfer and Gail Howell
3rd Place: Jane Sackman and Cheryl Cole

Women’s Consolation:
1st Place: Sharon Upson and Doris Hanke
2nd Place: Donna Lewis and Diana Vincent
3rd Place: Arlene Hrinik and Suzanne DeRocchi