ND05 – Mens Doubles & Ladies Doubles at Hawthorne, October 27 & 28

Currently the pre-registered mens and womens teams do not meet the ten team requirement for a tournament. Unless an additional mens team and five additional womens teams register at the tournament it will be played as an ANY DOUBLES event.

Please pre-register at NDSB@protonmail.com from NOON Sunday, October 23 to 5PM Tuesday, October 25. Send players names and phone numbers.

Mens Doubles

  1. Rod Lewis & Larry Mills
  2. Ralph Lyon & George Snyder
  3. Dave Dean & Vern Ivey
  4. Frank Cherill & Walt Bartels
  5. Tom Allen & Dewayne Toomey
  6. Joe Inga & Jerry Jabaut
  7. Fred Neuman and David Nitchie
  8. Ron Carr & Bob Robinson
  9. Eugene Kachuck & Steve Clark

Ladies Doubles

  1. Donnamarie Lewis & Diana Vincent
  2. Carol Helfer & Freeda Carr
  3. Chris Inga & Arlene Jabaut
  4. Sharon Upson and Jane Sackmann
  5. Gail Howell & Mary Jane Neumann

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