COVID-19 Protocol for FSA Tournaments

All tournament players please note the attached documents as posted on the FSA website.

The following was sent out by the FSA to all districts concerning these documents:
Attached are two (2) documents:
1. Cover letter from President Kudro
2. Pandemic Protocols 

It is very IMPORTANT that you study these two documents. … It is necessary to determine what, if any, tournaments can be played following these protocols and to keep our players safe. These documents will be posted on the FSA website on August 3, 2020. The president of your club may have already sent the Pandemic Protocols you. If you have not read this before please do so now. If you have any comments or ideas about the proposed protocols, please ge through you club president ASAP.

*Responses will be compiled and forwarded to the FSA by each District. In the Northern District, Individual members of ND clubs may be contacted by their club executive. Each ND club should respond as already requested by the Northern District.

FSA – Pandemic Cover Letter

FSA – Pandemic Protocols

Milt Wordelman from Deland – June 28, 2020

Posted on June 28, 2020 y Bonnie Radke on Coronado/Mainland website

Milt was well known as the man responsible for our Intercity Competition.
I am deeply saddened to report to you that Milt Wordelman passed away early Saturday morning at Woodland Towers which is an assisted living facility in Deland. He celebrated his 90th birthday just a few days ago.
I do not know what funeral arrangements have been made if any but I will keep you informed as soon as I know.
Milt became ill about three weeks ago and was taken to the ER by his step son. He was admitted and treated at the hospital for two days and released to Ridgecrest rehabilitation center for several more days. He and his family made the decision for Milt to move into Woodland Towers where he was for only a week before his death.

Dave Martin passed

The following note was written by Allan Dronsfield.

“Good morning to all, I reported a couple of weeks ago that Dave Martin had entered into a home hospice care status. Dave chose to spend his final time in his home looking out his living room window as he called it his Million Dollar view of Lake Eustis. It was certainly that. We had many of his friends over the day he arrived back home, it was a nice get together.
With a very heavy heart that I am informing you that Dave Martin’s journey ended yesterday about 6:30 p.m.
Dave’s wife Helen stated it was peaceful, he had gone through so much to reach this point.
Helen has told me that there would be a family memorial of some kind back in Erie, Pa amongst family members. It was Dave’s wish to have some of his ashes spread in 3 places where he and I fished a lot. Helen will be returning to Florida and she and I will go out in my boat taking his ashes to the 3 places we fished together in the Dora Canal. I am also having a Memorial plaque made which we will have mounted in the canal where he once lived.
I was lucky enough to meet Dave’s children, Dan and Jessica. Quality kids, Dan is an MD and Jessica is an RN in Erie, Pa. Helen, Dave’s wife is also a very special person and i’ve been fortunate to meet her and come to know them all.
I hope you all will keep Dave and the Martin family in your thoughts and prayers.” He will be missed.

Dave Martin

2020-2021 Schedule Update

There is a new 2020-2021 new schedule – Coronado/Mainland will host the Masters for the 2020-21 season. Hawthorne will host the TOC, for the 2020-21 season. There was a issue with Hawthorne being able to obtain the hall and kitchen on the scheduled dates for the Masters. Awarding the 2021 Masters to C/M will give them the opportunity they missed out on (due to the cancellation on March 14th, of the rest of this season’s events).

As always the current official schedule is posted on the Schedule page of this website