Results ND09 Nov 11, 2019 Tavares Any AM Draw

Previous post re "ND10", should have been "ND09"
ND09 Nov. 11, 2019 Tavares Any AM Draw. 11 Teams
Position FSA# First Last M/F Status Club
1 6751 Mark Engel M SA Leesburg
1 5269 Gary Knox M SA Mid Florida Lakes
2 6850 Christine Inga F SA Deland
2 6375 Arlene Jabaut F SA Coronado/Mainland
3 5974 Freeda Carr F SA Hawthorne
3 6229 Marilyn Mills F D Hawthorne
4 5795 John Moody M D Mid Florida Lakes
4 5340 Marlyce Fistman F D Tavares
5 6410 Bonnie Goetzinger F SA Hawthorne
5 6162 Larry Mills M D Hawthorne
6 6922 Ethel Camp F D Hawthorne
6 6851 Joseph Inga M SA Deland
7 6673 Tom Chapman M D Tavares
7 6376 Gerald Jabaut M SA Coronado/Mainland
8 6644 Diana Vincent F D Mid Florida Lakes
8 5794 Pat Moody F D Mid Florida Lakes

Tournament Directors: Rick Enright, Mary Ann PAbst

Bob Ketch

Lorraine has passed this on about Bob Ketch:
We recently heard that Bob Ketch, a resident of Mid Florida Lakes for many years, passed away in early October. Bob lost his mate Estelle many years ago and when that happened Bob decided not to shuffle any more. BUT, Bob did not loose his interest in the games. Whenever there was a tournament being played near his home either at Leesburg, Tavares, or Hawthorne, he was there watching and connecting with shufflers. We have no further information on his passing.

Northern District Tournament Results Nov 7-8, 2019 Ladies Doubles

Ladies’ Doubles
ND08 November 7, 2019 Leesburg 15 Teams
Position FSA# First Last M/F Status Club
Main 1 820 Doris Hanke F P Hawthorne
1 5291 Gail Howell F P Leesburg
2 4 Carol Adams F P Hawthorne
2 5207 Cheryl Cole F P Hawthorne
3 2943 Patty Foster F P Tavares
3 4664 Nancy Andrews F P Hawthorne
4 2155 Edna Triplett F P Coronado/Mainland
4 4282 Sharon Johnson F P Holiday RV Village
Consolation 1 6712 Gloria Boring F D Holiday Travel
1 6508 Suzanne DeRocchi F D Hawthorne
2 4974 Mary Jane Neumann F P Leesburg
2 2777 Lorraine Layton F P Tavares
3 3628 Beverly Knox F P Mid Florida Lakes
3 5794 Pat Moody F D Mid Florida Lakes
4 Forfeit
4 Forfeit
Tournament Directors: Steve Smith, Bonnie Goetzinger

Northern District Tournament Results Men’s ND07 Nov 7-8, 2019

ND07 November 7, 2019 Leesburg Men’s Doubles 20 Teams
Position FSA# First Last M/F Status Club
Main 1 5519 Ron Carr M P Hawthorne
1 4663 Walter Andrews M P Hawthorne
2 6630 Rodney Lewis M P MidFlorida Lakes
2 6847 Paul Hodges M P Leesburg
3 2776 Ivan Layton M P Tavares
3 5269 Gary Knox M SA Mid Florida Lakes
4 3645 Walt Bartels M P Deland
4 2094 Stan Williamson M P Coronado/Mainland
Consolation 1 5864 Frank Cherill M P Leesburg
1 3861 Robert Robinson M P Hawthorne
2 280 Rich Burrell M P Deland
2 4523 John Giumarra M P Deland
3 4439 Dick Kolczynski M P Clerbrook
3 5294 George Snyder M P Clermont
4 6162 Larry Mills M D Hawthorne
4 5643 William H. Jones M P Hawthorne

Services for Bob Brandt

Carol Helfer has notified us that services for Bob Brandt will be at St. Vincent de Paul’s church on route 62 in WIldwood at noon on Saturday, November 16, 2019.
Dave Dean has given me additional information about Bob Brandt’s services. There will be a reception after the noon service at the Colony Recreation Center in the Villages which is located at the corner of Morse Blvd and 466A. Bob’s wife name is Lois and her address is 725 Aberdeen Run The Villages, Fl 32162 if you want to send a card. In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to the National Kidney Foundation in Bob’s name.