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ND12 & ND 13 – Pro Only Doubles and Any AM Doubles at Coronado/Mainland, December 1 & 2

Please pre-register by emailing from NOON on Sunday, November 27 to 5PM on Tuesday, November 29. Indicate which tournament you will play, team names and phone numbers.   If you need a partner, be sure to check the Partner Needed Tab on our website.

Pro Only Doubles

  1.  Zak Wonson & Randy Radke
  2. Cindy Wonson & Rex Galusha
  3. Barbara Wade & Edna Triplett
  4. Phil Wade & George Snyder

Any AM Doubles

  1. Mark Gephart & Tony Angelo
  2. Bob Augusto & Anne Ferguson
  3. Janet Shira & Tom Grubb
  4. Darryl Kenyan & Don Velcio

Results from the ND11 Any Doubles Tournament

The Coronado/Mainland Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND11 Any Doubles Tournament on November 17/18th. Arlene and Gerry Jabaut were our Directors and our sponsors were: H2Health, Tina Pritchard Realtors, SpringHill Suites, G&W Roofing, Preston Law Firm, Todd Perry State Farm,Davis Bros HVAC, Cindy&Zak Wonson, Jerry&Arlene Jabaut, Gail Kadar and Janet Shira. We had 19 teams come to participate and the weather, though a bit chilly remained beautiful. Congratulations to all the participants and winners in the competition.

1. Rex Galusha and Bob Augusto……CMS
2. Stan Williamson and Cindy Wonson…….CMS
3. Joe Inga and Rodney Lewis…… Deland/MFL
4. Janet Shira and Mark Gephart…….CMS

1. Brad Simons and John Giumarra……Deland
2. Dennis Buelk and Tom Rimmer…….CMS
3. Al Dronsfield and Tom Brown…..Leesburg
4. Edna Triplett and Christine Giumarra…….CMS/Deland

Results from ND10 Amateur Draw in Tavares on Nov 14/15th.

The ND10 Amateur Draw Tournament was held in Tavares on Nov 14/15th. There were 10 teams and Al Dronsfield and Fred and MaryJane Neumann were the sponsors. Rod Lewis was the Director. Congratulations to all the players.

1. Don Velcio and Suzanne DeRocchi ………Leesburg/Hawthorne
2. Brad Simons and Steve Clark…………..Deland/MFL
3. Steve Smith and Phyliss Sokol-Wood……….Hawthorne/Leesburg
4. Daryll Kenyon and Deb Collin…………Leesburg,MFL

1. Deb Clark and Daniel Theissen………Leesburg/MFL
2. Tom Brown and Steve Sheehan……Leesburg/MFL
3. Joe Constantine and Chuck Wood………..Deland/Leesburg
4. Bill Hall and Joe Wisinarski………….MFL/MFL

ND11 – Any Doubles at Coronado/Mainland, November 17 & 18

Please pre-register by emailing from NOON on Sunday, November 13 to 5PM on Tuesday, November 15. Send players names and phone numbers.

  1. Loretta Cantalupo & Joe Constantine
  2. Cindy Wonson & Stan Williamson
  3. Dave Dean & Vern Ivey
  4. Rod Lewis & Joe Inga
  5. Doris Hanke & Carol Helfer
  6. Bonnie & Randy Radke
  7. Sharon Upson & Gail Howell
  8. Debbie Evans & Dave Nitchie
  9. Zak Wonson & Charlie Jones
  10. Chris Inga & Barbara Wade
  11. Edna Triplett & Christine Giumarra
  12. Dennis Buelk & Tom Rimmer
  13. Chuck Wood & Ralph Lyon
  14. Al Dronsfield & Tom Brown
  15. John Giumarra & Brad Simons
  16. Roger & Alice Vandevender
  17. Janet Shira & Mark Gephart
  18. Vaughn Long & Tom Pergrem
  19. Rex Galusha & Bob Augusto
  20. George Snyder & Phil Wade