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Results from the ND21 & ND22 Tournaments

The Leesburg Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND21 Pro Only Draw and the ND22 Amateur Only Draw on Jan 26th and 27th. Gail Howell was the Director and the sponsors were Suter Air, Merrill Life, Ciebert Wealth, Al Dronsfield, Tom Brown and Vern Ivey. They had 30 Amateurs and 30 Pros sign up for the Challenge. Congratulations to all the shufflers for a great tournament.

1. Jerry Jabaut & George Snyder……..Coronado/Mainland/Clermont
2. Katy Walker & Dave Nitchie……..Hawthorne/Lake Point
3. Vern Ivey & Walter Andrews…….Leesburg/Hawthorne
4. Carol Helfer & Zak Wonson………..Leesburg/Coronado/Mainland

1. Doris Hanke & Frank Cherill…..Hawthorne/Leesburg
2. Joe Inga & Andy Serina…….Deland/Leesburg
3. Ralph Lyon & Walt Bartels…….Leesburg/Deland
4. Stan Williamson & Dewayne Toomey…..Cononado/Mainland/Clermont

1. Gloria Boring & Paul Ayotte……Holiday RV Village/Leesburg
2. Steve Clark & Suzanne DeRocchi….Mid-Florida Lakes/Hawthorne
3. Lee Parker & Chuck Wood…..Deland/Leesburg
4. Frank DeRocchi & Chuck Ebling….Hawthorne/Holiday RV Village

1. Don Velcio & Steve Sheehan……Leesburg/Mid-Florida Lakes
2. Jaimie Menendez & Karen Basner…..Mid-Florida Lakes/Holiday RV Village
3. Brad Simons & Ron Theriault…..Deland/Mid-Florida Lakes
4. Steve Smith & Max Collin………Hawthorne/Mid-Florida Lakes

Food Will Be available!

The Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club will have Lunch available for both days of P19-STATE REDLINE M/L DOUBLES TOURNAMENT ON FEBRUARY 6&7.  The Happy Camper is a vintage camper themed food trailer offering a variety of hot dogs, meatball subs, chicken pitas, along with hot fresh mini donuts, warm brownie bites, fresh squeezed lemonade, chips, and soft drinks. The Happy Camper at the Pavillion near the shuffleboard courts, and players are invited to join us both days, Monday, 2/6 (10:30am-2pm), and Tuesday, 2/7 (10:30am-1:30pm).  
To see their menu, go to, or their facebook page, Happy Camper Snack Shack.
As a reminder, this is a State Redline tournament, which means it is the only tournament in the State on that date, with an increased prize money contribution from the FSA.  Thus, we expect a large field of Men and Ladies. Stephen SmithChair, HSC 
114 Jacaranda DriveLeesburg, FL(802) 338-2090

Results from the ND23 Any Amateur Doubles Tournament

The Clermont Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND 23 Any Amateur Doubles Tournament on January 23 and 24, 2023. Rod Lewis was the Director and State Farm was their sponsor. Twelve (12) teams showed up for the challenge. Congratulations to all the players.

1st: Mark Gephart & Tom Grubb…….Coronado/Mainland
2nd: Diana Vincent & Sheila Taylor…….Mid-Florida Lakes/Clermont
3rd: Deb & Carl Collin…..Mid-Florida Lakes
4th: Chuck & Brenda Ebling……Holiday RV Village

1st: Chuck Wood & Phyllis Sokol-Wood……..Leesburg
2nd: Bruce Campbell and Mark Kyle…..Clermont
3rd: Doug Peuler & Jerry Prillwitz…..Holiday RV Village
4th: Ben & Isabel Brannock…….Leesburg
(Brannocks were not available for pictures)

State Tournament Requirements

Please note:

Due to the extremely low participation in amateur tournaments, the Board of the Florida Shuffleboard Association has instituted a temporary preregistration requirement for all statewide amateur tournaments. If less than 20 players in register in both divisions of an amateur singles event, and there are at least 12 players total, both divisions will be combined. (March 2022). If there are less than 12 players in amateur singles or less than 10 teams registered for an amateur doubles event by the posted cutoff time, the Registrar will cancel the tournament. This procedure is to take immediate effect and continue until cancelled by the board. (10/27/2021)
Where Open and Amateur tournaments are held at the same time and location, the Amateur tournament will be held regardless of number of entries. (10/15/2022)

A16B at Leesburg will open at 8:00 A.M. on Friday, January 27, and close at 4:00 P.M. on Sunday, January 29. Email registrations, including the names of both partners, to Confirmations will be sent via return email.