Partner Needed

To get listed as needing a partner, please email, or make a comment below  – Remember to give your name and phone number and or email, and the tournament date, and if you need a PRO, AM, State AM, and if Man or Lady is needed/preferred.

When you do find a partner please let us know so we can remove your request. 

Donna Lewis needs an Amateur partner for our tournament this Thursday, Feb 2nd and 3rd, ND24  . Please let her know if you are available. 1-707-208-9352 or

Ralph Lyon looking for an Amateur partner for Coronado/Mainland ND24
February 2nd and 3rd.  phone 407-766-2244.






3 thoughts on “Partner Needed

  1. Need partner for the following dates; ND03 October 13,2022 Coronado/Mainland AM, ND09 November10 Mixed Doubles -Deland, ND13 December 1,2022 Any AM Doubles Coronado/Mainland, ND15 December15,2022 Mixed Doubles- Deland,


  2. David: It means that the webmaster has to approve your comment before it is posted. Thanks for asking. This is the first time in about 10 years being Web Master I have ever had that question. Good one! I think you will be automatically approved in the future.


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