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Letter from Lorraine

Lorraine Layton

Here is a letter from our Northern District (now) past president, Lorraine Layton, saying thanks and expressing good wishes:

It has been my pleasure to be able to serve the Northern District, as your President and Vice President. Both my husband Ivan and I are so thankful for having been a part of the Northern District, during our retirement years. As we all move on to new chapters in our lives, I want to express my thanks to all the volunteers you see before you today, who will pledge to do their best in developing the Northern District. Not being able to take part in this past unusual and unforgettable season, I had to rely on the physical presence of those that could be here. Rod Lewis, who will become your President, has been the stability of this district and has gone far beyond those duties to see things though. My first winter in Canada in 24 years, has already left me with a heavy heart, in not being able to enjoy a game of shuffleboard in the warmth and sunshine of Florida. The friendship that has come with being a part of the Northern District will be lasting memories for both Ivan and I. I wish you all the very best in your future development of the Northern District.
Lorraine Layton – President Northern District of Shuffleboard