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COVID-19 Protocol for FSA Tournaments

All tournament players please note the attached documents as posted on the FSA website.

The following was sent out by the FSA to all districts concerning these documents:
Attached are two (2) documents:
1. Cover letter from President Kudro
2. Pandemic Protocols 

It is very IMPORTANT that you study these two documents. … It is necessary to determine what, if any, tournaments can be played following these protocols and to keep our players safe. These documents will be posted on the FSA website on August 3, 2020. The president of your club may have already sent the Pandemic Protocols you. If you have not read this before please do so now. If you have any comments or ideas about the proposed protocols, please ge through you club president ASAP.

*Responses will be compiled and forwarded to the FSA by each District. In the Northern District, Individual members of ND clubs may be contacted by their club executive. Each ND club should respond as already requested by the Northern District.

FSA – Pandemic Cover Letter

FSA – Pandemic Protocols