Results from the ND 05/06

Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club hosted the ND05/06, tournaments which were supposed to be an all Ladies/All Men’s competition, but due to the fact that not enough ladies signed up, the tournament was held as an Any Doubles Tournament on Oct. 28/29, 2022. Rick Enright was the tournament director and DCO Flooring was the sponsor. There were 19 teams represented. Congratulations to all the shufflers who participated.

1st Place: Bob Robinson and Ron Carr from Hawthorne
2nd Place: Vern Ivey and Dave Dean from Leesburg
3rd Place: Walt and Nancy Andrews from Hawthorne
4th Place: Arlene Jabaut and Chris Inga from Coronado/Mainland/ Deland

1st Place: Gail Howell and Mary Jane Neuman from Leesburg
2nd Place: Ralph Lyon and George Snyder from Leesburg
3rd Place: Paul Ayotte and Chuck Wood from Leesburg
4th Place: Barb Wade and Debbie Evans from Coronado/Mainland

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