Hall Of Fame

Categories: Player, Special Award, President

Northern District Hall Of Fame ………………………Click on an image to make it larger
2008-Player Stan Williamson_80       Stan..Williamson
          2008 (Player)
2009-Player Walt Bartels_80 ..   …Walt..Bartels
          2009 (Player)
2010-Player Edna Triplett_80….. Edna..Triplett
…… 2010 (Player)
2010-Player Mario Mazzola_80         Mario..Mazzola
____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________
2010-Player Chuck Brayman_80
Chuck Brayman
2010  (Player)
2010-Player Sharon Upson_80
Sharon Upson
2011  (Player)
2011-Player Dorine Bessette_80
Dorine Bessette
2011  (Player)
2011-Player Fred Pelletier_80
Fred Pelletier
2011  (Player)
2011-Player Robert Robinson_80
Robert Robinson
2011  (Player)
2012-Player Richard Burchardt_80
Richard Burchardt
2012  (Player)
2012-Player Carol Adams_80
Carol Adams
2012  (Player)
2012-Player Gary McLaughlin_80
Gary McLaughlin
2012  (Player)
2012-Player Ann Mazzola_80
Ann Mazzola
2012 (Player)
2012-Player Allen Bessette_80
Allen Bessette
2012  (Player)
2013-Player Dennis Buelk_80
Dennis Buelk
2013  (Player)
2018 President Pat King_80
Pat King
2013  (Player)
2013-Player Leo Gagnon_80
Leo Gagnon
2013  (Player)
2013-Special-Award Jack Wooten_80
Jack Wooten

2013 (Special)
2015-Player Patty Foster_80
Patty Foster
2015  (Player)
2015-Special Award Richie Burrell_80
Richie Burrell
2015  (Special)
2016-Player Sue McLaughlin_80
Sue McLaughlin
2016  (Player)
2016-Player Allen Dronsfield_80
Allen Dronsfield
2016  (Player)
2018-Player Tom Rimmer_80
Tom Rimmer
2018  (Player)
2018-Player Doris Hanke_80
Doris Hanke
2018  (Player)
2018 President Pat King_80
Pat King
2018  (President)
2019 Player John Giumarra (80)
John Giumarra
2019 (Player)
2019 Player Lorraine Layton (80)
Lorraine Layton

2019 (Player)
2019 Player Richard Enright (80)
Richard Enright
2019 (Player)
2019 Player Lew Kagen (80)….….Lew Kagen
….….2019 (Player)
2020 Player Christine Giumarra (80)….Christine Giumarra
….2020 (Player)
2020 Player Dee Metz (80) ….….Dee Metz
….2020 (Player)
ND_HOF_2020 Felix Piscitelli (80)……Felix Piscitelli
…. ..2020 (Player)


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