Hall Of Fame


Northern District Hall Of Fame ……………………………..Click on an image to make it larger
2008-Player Stan Williamson_80 Stan Williamson 2008 (Ply) Walt Bartels 2009 (Ply) 2009-Player Walt Bartels_80
2010-Player Mario Mazzola_80 Mario Mazzola 2010 (Ply) Edna Triplett 2010 (Ply) 2010-Player Edna Triplett_80
2010-Player Chuck Brayman_80 Chuck Brayman 2010 (Ply) Sharon Upson 2011 (Ply) 2010-Player Sharon Upson_80
2011-Player Dorine Bessette_80 Dorine Bessette 2011 (Ply) Fred Pelletier 2011 (Ply) 2011-Player Fred Pelletier_80
2011-Player Robert Robinson_80 Robert Robinson 2011 (Ply) Gary McLaughlin 2012 (Ply) 2012-Player Gary McLaughlin_80
2012-Player Richard Burchardt_80 Richard Burchardt 2012 (Ply) Carol Adams 2012 (Ply) 2012-Player Carol Adams_80
2012-Player Ann Mazzola_80 Ann Mazzola 2012 (Ply) Allen Bessette 2012 (Ply) 2012-Player Allen Bessette_80
2013-Player Dennis Buelk_80 Dennis Buelk 2013 (Ply) Pat King 2013 (Ply) 2018 President Pat King_80
2013-Player Leo Gagnon_80 Leo Gagnon 2013 (Ply) Jack Wooten 2013 (S) 2013-Special-Award Jack Wooten_80
2015-Player Patty Foster_80 Patty Foster 2015 (Ply) Richie Burrell 2015 (S) 2015-Special Award Richie Burrell_80
2016-Player Sue McLaughlin_80 Sue McLaughlin 2016 (Ply) Allen Dronsfield 2016 (Ply) 2016-Player Allen Dronsfield_80
2018-Player Doris Hanke_80 Doris Hanke 2018 (Ply) Tom Rimmer 2018 (Ply) 2018-Player Tom Rimmer_80
2018 President Pat King_80 Pat King 2018 (Pr)
(Ply)=Player—–(S)=Special Award—-(Pr)=President Award

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