ND01 Results

Thanks to Bonnie Radke for the original text post – excerpt follows:

Thursday was the beginning of our Northern District Tournament season. Deland hosted the Any Doubles Tournament, 26 players, and Rod Lewis and Steve Smith were our directors. The results were as follows:
FIRST: Dave Nitchie & Frank Cherill, (did not stay for pictures)
SECOND: Cheryl Cole & Paul Hodges,
THIRD: Vern Ivey & George Snyder,
FOURTH: Phil Wade & Barb (Rush) Wade.

: Dennis Buelk & Tom Rimmer, Coronado/Mainland
SECOND: Jan Dally & Edna Triplett, Coronado/Mainland
 Chris Inga & Joe Inga,
FOURTH: Sharon Upson & Doris Hanke.


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