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ND02 Results

Send to us by Rod Lewis.
Tournament Results ND02
No Two Pros
52 players


1st Main; 5207 Cheryl Cole
1st Main; 6125 Ben Raatz
2nd Main; 6069 Rex Galusha
2nd Main; 6376 Gerald Jabaut
3rd Main; 6553 David Nitchie
3rd Main; 6162 Larry Mills
4th Main; 6352 Bonnie Radke
4th Main; 6376 Arlene Jabaut


1st Cons; 5864 Frank Cherill
1st Cons; 6751 Mark Engel
2nd Cons; 6841 Shirley Geesey
2nd Cons; 3861 Robert Robinson
3rd Cons; 6351 Randy Radke
3rd Cons; 6639 Zak Wonson
4th Cons; 5288 Tom Allen
4th Cons; 6466 DeWayne Toomey

Tourn. Director Rod Lewis
Tourn. Director Steve Smith

Sponsor; Edward Jones

Orange City Tournament Cancelled

From: mark engel
Date: Tue, Oct 8, 2019 at 12:33 PM
Subject: Orange City- We received word that the any doubles tournament on November 21st, 2019 (ND11) at Orange City has been cancelled. Construction work on the parking lot and surrounding area which was initially expected to be completed by the end of October will now extend into 2020.

If there are any clubs willing to host this tournament please send an e-mail to Lorraine Layton by October 23rd. If several clubs apply for the tournament it will be brought up at the ND meeting October 26th and the board will decide who will host this tournament.
Thank you

Mark Engel

ND01 Results

Thanks to Bonnie Radke for the original text post – excerpt follows:

Thursday was the beginning of our Northern District Tournament season. Deland hosted the Any Doubles Tournament, 26 players, and Rod Lewis and Steve Smith were our directors. The results were as follows:
FIRST: Dave Nitchie & Frank Cherill, (did not stay for pictures)
SECOND: Cheryl Cole & Paul Hodges,
THIRD: Vern Ivey & George Snyder,
FOURTH: Phil Wade & Barb (Rush) Wade.

: Dennis Buelk & Tom Rimmer, Coronado/Mainland
SECOND: Jan Dally & Edna Triplett, Coronado/Mainland
 Chris Inga & Joe Inga,
FOURTH: Sharon Upson & Doris Hanke.