Results ND08 Nov 7-8, 2019 Ladies Doubles, Leesburg

Ladies’ Doubles
ND08 November 7, 2019 Leesburg 15 Teams
Position FSA# First Last M/F Status Club
Main 1 820 Doris Hanke F P Hawthorne
1 5291 Gail Howell F P Leesburg
2 4 Carol Adams F P Hawthorne
2 5207 Cheryl Cole F P Hawthorne
3 2943 Patty Foster F P Tavares
3 4664 Nancy Andrews F P Hawthorne
4 2155 Edna Triplett F P Coronado/Mainland
4 4282 Sharon Johnson F P Holiday RV Village
Consolation 1 6712 Gloria Boring F D Holiday Travel
1 6508 Suzanne DeRocchi F D Hawthorne
2 4974 Mary Jane Neumann F P Leesburg
2 2777 Lorraine Layton F P Tavares
3 3628 Beverly Knox F P Mid Florida Lakes
3 5794 Pat Moody F D Mid Florida Lakes
4 Forfeit
4 Forfeit
Tournament Directors: Steve Smith, Bonnie Goetzinger

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