Summer Rotational Series Cancellation

The Summer Rotational Series (SRS) is a long running weekly ‘tournament’ that rotates between Hawthorne, Leesburg, and Mid-Florida Lakes. While it is not part of the Northern District, it draws many shufflers each week from throughout the Northern District (including some from the other side of the river). To communicate and quickly spread the word to those shufflers who play in the SRS, George Fisher asked via Steve Smith that we post this announcement on the ND Website., which we do for our fellow shufflers.

“Based on the uncertainty of the continuing impact of the Corona Virus in our area, and the actions taken by local communities, the Northern District, and the FSA, the organizers of the Summer Rotational Series (SRS) – rotating weekly between Hawthorne, Leesburg, and Mid-Florida Lakes – have made the decision to cancel the SRS for the upcoming summer season It is their hope to return next summer.

“In the meantime, as we are in the high risk demographic, trust and heed the advice of those with the knowledge, stay safe, avoid crowds, and wash your hands. The organizers look forward to seeing all of you in October.”

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