Report from Rod Lewis at Avon Park

This rekport from Rod Lewis last week ….

Paul Hodges and I went to Avon Park this past Monday for a State tournament. Playing days were to be Monday and Tuesday for the men and Tuesday ,Wednesday for the women. There were 17 mens teams but I never saw the number for the women . The wearing of the masks proved to be the hardest of the protocols as we were indoors with no fans operating. I had a hard time with my glasses fogging up until I discovered that spraying some hand sanitizer onto my glasses eliminated the fogging. No issues noted and separate seating on the courts worked out well. We didn’t have to use our own chairs as suggested but that might change at other sites.

We played for the first day only and did not have to make the return trip. Of special note is the heat dehydrated both of us and others so I went thru my water quickly but they DID provide a chestful of bottled water at no cost. Only two matches were played the first day for the men . That might be different for the women as last week at P01 there were only 8 teams playing.

We plan on going to the P05b at St Cloud Nov 2nd.

I hope everyone is enjoying home court play. Stay safe and healthy.

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