The Dave Martin Memorial Tournament At Leesburg

From Al Dronsfield

The Leesburg SBC is hosting what was to be a ND Pro Draw/Amateur Draw event. This tournament will still be hosted, being that the district has banned sanctioned tournaments in its district the Leesburg SBC will host said tournament, however you will not be accumulating Move Up points nor Masters points. 
The date is Thursday Jan. 21st and Friday Jan. 22nd. Jan. 23rd. if necessary. We will begin at 9:00 so I encourage you to come early as not to create mass grouping, social distancing is advised.
I made a promise to Dave Martin before his passing that we would host an event in his name. Dave’s wife and family is sponsoring this event.
We do have a certified Tournament Director who will Direct this event.You must pre-register for this event. We will honor 24 Pros/24 Ams to register for this event, if we have an overflow of entries I will start a sub list. If you are moved into a registered position I will contact you informing you of this.
You must pre-register with – Al Dronsfield – or send text to 352-267-1388 only. This event will be run according to the FSA Pandemic Protocol for your safety. The FSA has permitted all hosting clubs to require an additional $2.00 charge to your entry fees for the costs of sanitary necessities. The entry fee for this event is $8.00, there will be no lunches available you must bring your own coolers with beverages and lunches. You are encouraged to bring your own folding chair, hand sanitizers, face masks are mandatory. 50/50 will be available.
This event will be run as was originally scheduled, Pros will draw a partner for the entire event and the amateurs will draw an amateur partner for the entire event. pros play pros and amateurs will play ams only. The playing rules for this event are in accordance to the FSA Rules of the Game.
More information will be given during the opening ceremonies of this event.
You will be required to enter through the MAIN ENTRANCE ONLY at which time you will be temperature tested. You then need to proceed to signing in and paying entry fees.
At anytime, anyone abusing or does not abide by the Pandemic Protocol you may be asked to leave. I suggest if you are not familiar with the FSA Pandemic Protocol you should go to the FSA website to read and get familiar with these rules that we all must live by at this time.
We have 24 entries thus far so we are halfway to the 48 player quota, it is filling up fast.

If you have questions please contact Al Dronsfield, emails are prefered. “

The Leesburg SBC wishes you all a safe and healthy New Year.

Thank you,
Al Dronsfield – President

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