Tournament Schedule

Reminder of tournament schedule to Dec 31.

XND03 14-Oct-21 TFS Any Doubles Coronado/Mainland – CANCELLED
ND04 21-Oct-21 TFS No-Two-Pros (16 frm./75 pt.) Mid-Florida Lakes
XND05 28-Oct-21 TFS Men’s Doubles Hawthorne CANCELLED
XND06 28-Oct-21 TFS Ladies Doubles Hawthorne CANCELLED
ND07 4-Nov-21 TFS Men’s Doubles Leesburg
ND08 4-Nov-21 TFS Ladies’ Doubles Leesburg
ND09 11-Nov-21 TFS Mixed Doubles Deland
ND10 15-Nov-21 mtw Any AM Draw Tavares Y
CANCELLED ND11 18-Nov-21 TFS Any Doubles Coronado/Mainland N
CANCELLED ND12 2-Dec-21 TFS Pro Only Doubles Coronado/Mainland N
CANCELLED ND13 2-Dec-21 TFS Any Am Doubles Coronado/Mainland N

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