ND11 Any Doubles, Nov 18

Any Doubles Tournament ND11 is scheduled for Nov 18 at Coronado Mainland.

Pre-Registration will be done by email and is open from Noon Sunday  Nov 14th until 5 PM Tuesday  Nov 16th. A minimum of 8 teams need to be pre-registered or else the tournament will be cancelled.

The pre-registration email is NDSB@protonmail.com
Please list each player and a contact phone number. 

Once pre-registration begins, look to this space for a list of teams that have pre-registered.

  1. Joe Inga and Christine Inga
  2. Rod Lewis and Paul Hodges
  3. Debbie Evans and Cindy Wonson
  4. Zak Wonson and Charlie Jones
  5. Janet Shira and Tom Grubb
  6. Barbara Fortini and John Fortini
  7. Dennis Buelk and Tom Rimmer
  8. Sigrid Reichert and Edna Triplet
  9. George Snyder and Ralph Lyon
  10. Rex Galusha and Bob Tagert
  11. Chuck Wood and Phyllis Sokol-Wood
  12. Roger and Alice Vandervender
  13. Brad Simons and Richard Demers
  14. Christine and John Giumarra

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