ND14 Mixed Doubles at Hawthorne on Dec 9th Unfortunately, we will not be serving lunch at the ND14 Mixed Doubles Tournament this coming Thursday/Friday (12/9-10) at Hawthorne. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause on short notice. It is our hope to have a new provider in place by the next tournament we host. Stephen Smith Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club

Pre-Registration will be done by email and is open from Noon Sunday, Dec 5th until 5 PM Tuesday, Dec 7th. A minimum of 8 teams need to be pre-registered. If this tournament doesn’t have at least 8 teams pre-registered, this tournament will be cancelled.

The pre-registration email is NDSB@protonmail.com
Please list each player and a contact phone number. Once pre-registration begins, look to this space for a list of teams that have pre-registered.

  1. Debbie Collin and Jim Amberson
  2. Cheryl Cole and Al Dronsfield
  3. Cindy Wonson and Zak Wonson
  4. Carol Helfer and Paul Hodges
  5. Gail Howell and David Nitchie
  6. Sharon Schulzek and Larry Whalen
  7. Patricia Moody and John Moody
  8. Shiela Tayler and George Snyder
  9. Sharon Johnson and Frank Cherill
  10. Arlene Jabaut and Jerry Jabaut
  11. Chris Inga and Joe Inga
  12. Suzanne DeRocchi and Alvin Carlson
  13. Diana Vincent and Carl Collin
  14. Donnamarie Lewis and Jerry Perwilltz
  15. Ethel Camp and Bill Jones
  16. Sharon Upsom and Rob Robinson
  17. Phyllis Sokol-Wood and Ralph Lyon

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