Message from Rod Lewis, President Northern District

 I want to bring everyone up to date on the status of our upcoming elections for the Northern District Board on Jan 22nd at DeLand.  To say this is a crucial time in our District is an understatement of the highest magnitude.

Here’s why:
President:   Rod Lewis….stepping down
!st VP          Bill Jones…..stepping down
2nd VP        Paul Hodges….would like to continue
3rd VP        Sharon Johnson….stepping down
4th VP        Rick Enright….stepping down
Secretary   Arlene….wouild like to continue
Treasurer   Bonnie Goetzinger….stepping down
KOR           Bill Boyes….would like to continue with some help
State Delegate  Open
Alt State Del  Jerry Jabaut…would like to continue.
    There are some people interested in the some of the slots but so far no one has asked about the first five slots
which are crucial positions.
    Here is a scenario that could happen to the Northern District:
IF we don’t provide a viable Board, it would have to be reported to the FSA. In talking with Bob Hovatter, he is concerned about losing a district. What could happen is that we would possibly create a new North/Central District. 
All tournaments would have to be realigned and new places to play would be added, probably not to the liking of our existing members. Our clubs would certainly lose tournaments and travel time would also certainly increase.
   We need more people to care about what it takes to run a District and to step up and pay back to our organization for providing the tournaments that are scheduled and enjoyed. This has been a difficult three years in keeping us moving forward and I do not want us to hit the wall and become something that will end the Northern District. 
   When we do get through this, there is another area of concern and that is tournament directing. As of now we have these people still capable of directing: Rick Enright, Gail Howell, Bonnie & Randy Radke and myself. This next year will have to change in how we direct tournaments and at our January meeting I will ask that a Tournament Committee be formed to talk about how to get through this matter. No easy task here.
   The people to talk to about being on the board are Joe Inga, John Giamarra, Bill Jones , Freeda Carr and myself. 

Looking forward to a Happy New Year and a successful resolution 

Best to all,
Rod Lewis
Northern District President

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