Pre-registration for ND20, Monday Jan 17, at Holiday RV Village, any Am Doubles

Plan on dressing warm. The format will be 12 frame singles and it should be finished within the day.
Rod Lewis
Tournament Director

Pre-registration for Any Am Doubles Tournament at Holiday RV Village on Monday Jan 17 will be open from noon Friday through noon Sunday. Pre-registration is through email only to  Please include both partners names and contact info. If a minimal number of teams are not pre-registered, the tournament may be converted to a singles tournament at the Tournament Director’s discretion.  Look to this space for a list of teams that have signed up.

  1. Diana Vincent and Carl Collin
  2. Shiela Tayler and DeWayne Toomey
  3. Ernie Bourcier and Doug Peuler
  4. Larry Mills and Marilyn Mills
  5. Sharon Schulzek and Karen Basner
  6. Chuck Retzer and Don Velcio
  7. Gloria Boring and George Boring
  8. Ivan Ottoborga and Dale Trinklein

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