Tournament of Champions (TOC) Pre-registration

The Tournament of Champions will be held in DeLand on March 3-4. You must qualify to enter. Check the file on the points page to verify your eligibility. Please send email to with name, which tournament, and contact information. Look to this space for a list of confirmed players. Pre-registration is available from noon Sunday through 5pm Tuesday. 

ND30 Pro Men TOC

  1. Rex Galusha
  2. Dave Nitchie
  3. Rod Lewis
  4. Paul Hodges
  5. Zak Wonson
  6. Jerry Jabaut
  7. Ralph Lyon
  8. George Snyder
  9. Joe Inga
  10. Jeff Geesey
  11. Bill Boyes
  12. John Giumarra
  13. Richie Burrell
  14. Roger Vandervender
  15. Dave Dean

ND31 Pro Ladies TOC

  1. Sharon Upson
  2. Donnamarie Lewis
  3. Arlene Jabaut
  4. Carol Helfer
  5. Christine Inga
  6. Christine Giumarra
  7. Carolyn Burrell
  8. Alice Vandervender
  9. Gail Howell

ND32 Amateur Men TOC

  1. Larry Mills
  2. Ron Theriault
  3. Carl Collin
  4. DeWayne Toomey
  5. Darryl Kenyon
  6. Tom Brown
  7. Don Velcio
  8. Bill Van Lare
  9. Brad Simons
  10. Keith Wheeler

ND33 Amateur Ladies TOC

  1. Marilyn Mills
  2. Cindy Wonson
  3. Diana Vincent
  4. Debbie Collin
  5. Sheila Taylor
  6. Debbie Evans
  7. Anne Ferguson
  8. Sharon Schulzek
  9. Barbara Allen

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