Masters Tournament March 17-18

For the first time in three years the Northern District Masters will be played at Hawthorne beginning March 17th. Here are finalists in each of the four divisions:

Pro Men:   Paul Hodges,David Nitchie, Rex Galusha, Zak Wonson, John Giumarra, Rod Lewis, George Snyder,Richie Burrell, Alternate: Vern Ivey

Pro Women:   Christine Inga, Donna Lewis, Christine Giumarra, Carol Helfer, Arlene Jabaut, Carolyn Burrell, Alice VanDeVender

Amateur Men:  Tom Brown, Don Velchio, Chuck Wood, Brad Simons, Darryl Kenyon, Larry Mills, DeWayne Toomey, Tom Grubb, Alternate: Ron Theriault

Amateur Women: Cindy Wonson, Marilyn Mills, Debbie Evans, Diana Vincent, Sharon Schulzek, Janet Shira, Sheila Taylor, Freeda Carr,  Alternate Phyllis Sokol-Wood

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