Standing rules

Sent by Rod Lewis

Here are the corrections and additions as passed at the District Meeting.
Thank you to all the people that put their thoughts and time to get this project finished.

Standing Rules Northern District of the FSA as of 26 March 2022

1. The Mission Statement of the Northern District Florida Shuffleboard Association (NDFSA)
is to promote, improve and to preserve the game of shuffleboard and to manage tournament play
for all district member clubs.

2. All NDFSA tournaments shall make awards to four places in Main Event and four places
in Consolation for the shuffleboard year. The year means 1 Oct to the following 30 Sept.

3. The entry fee for all NDFSA tournaments shall be $8.00 per player. Of this amount $100.00
plus $.50 per player will go to the Tournament Director and $25.00 to the assistant
Tournament Director if an assistant is used. $1.50 per player will go to the ND Treasurer
to be deposited in the NDFSA account. On line 8 of the ND financial report, $1.50 per player
will go to the Host Club. The remainder that appears on line 9, plus any sponsor money,
will go for prize money and will be distributed in close approximation to the following
percentages: Main Event : 20%- 17.5%- 15%- 12.5%. Consolation : 12.5%- 10%-7.5%-5%.
All final amount will be rounded off to the nearest dollar. The Financial Report is the
responsibility of the Host Club Treasurer.
4. The Host Club Treasurer will post a copy of the financial report by Noon the the first day
of the tournament.
5. Any Amateur placing in Main event or consolation for their first time playing in any
tournament shall receive a District Amateur Pin. When a District Amateur accumulates
Five (5) move up from placing in State or NDFSA tournaments within a three (3) year period
they will be awarded a State Amateur Pin and designated as a State Amateur for the
following year. When a State Amateur accumulates five (5) move up points in a State or
NDFSA tournament within a three year period they will be awarded a ND Pro pin and be
designated a Pro shuffleboard player for the following year.
6. Pre-registration will be required as a tournament needs ten (10) teams or more to be played
as a doubles event. If less then ten (10) teams register the event will be played as a singles. A Singles Tournament will require a minimum of twelve (12) players.

7. The NDFSA Tournament of Champions shall be non-walking singles with four (4) divisions.
The divisions are as follows: Pro Men, Pro Ladies, Amateur Men and Amateur Ladies.
All matches will be two out of three games of twelve (12) frames or 75 points , whichever
comes first. The Pro and Amateur TOC will be played at the same time and location.

A. Eligibility for NDFSA TOC shall be as follows: Northern District members holding lifetime
eligibility to participate in the TOC because of a First Place Main Event win in a district
tournament or a State Tournament in the Northern District prior to the 1994-95 season
will be ” Grandfathered”. “Grandfathered” eligibility shall not be removed. First place
winners in ND tournament or State tournaments played in the ND beginning with the
1994-95 season will receive a five (5) year eligibility beginning with the current season.
B. Placing 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the main event or 1st in consolation will result in a two (2) year
eligibility beginning with the current season. Placing 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the consolition
round will result in one (1) year eligibility beginning the next season.
C. For the TOC, two (2) tournament directors will be assigned for the first day of play.
One director for Pro Men/Ladies and one director for Amateur Men/Ladies.

8. Masters Pins:

Only the players who play in the Masters Tournament will receive a pin. Those players that qualified to
play but elected not to play may purchase a pin from the 3rd VP . There is no requirement for the club
hosting the Masters Tournament to have a banquet at the end of the tournament. However, in a case
there is no banquet, a short ceremony will be held after the completion of the Masters Tournament
to award the Masters Pins.

9. The Northern District Tournament schedule for the 2021-2022 season will be used as the fixed schedule
for the 2022-2023 season and future seasons. Prior to the October meeting the 4th VP/ ND Tournament Director will
prepare a proposed schedule for the following season. At the October meeting the 4th VP/ND Tournament Director
will provide a copy of this proposed schedule to each Board Member and to each Club President
whose club sponsors or desires to sponsor any ND tournaments for the following season. Any club that
sponsors any ND Tournaments and desires to change the dates of any of their tournaments will have to do
so by contacting another club that would agree to change with them. After the two club President agree to
change date they or their representitives must sign an agreement to change the dates. A copy of this agreement
must be provided to the ND Tournament Director no later then JAN 1. The ND Tournament is authorized to
effect those changes. A club that sponsors any ND Tournaments and that desires to change the type of any of
their tournaments must fill out a special form and submit the form to the 4th VP/ND Tournament Director no later that
Jan 1 and the changes will take effect for the current season (2022/2023). Any request to change the dates or
type of any tournament arriving after Jan 1, however the changes will be effective for the the following years
proposed schedule.

10. Due to the limited number of trained Tournament Directors it is recommended that all clubs train
members as directors to run their club tournaments. The 4th VP/ND Tournament Director will assist with
the training. If a club does not have a qualified director they may enlist one from another club.

11. When due to inclement weather, a ND Tournament cannot be completed on the Two (2) scheduled days,
that tournament will be finished on the first available Saturday. in the event of another rained out tournament,
the first rained our tournament takes priority. When this conflicts with a scheduled State or District Meeting
that Saturday is considered AS NOT AVAILABLE.

12. Berating of partner or opponet: according to FSA playing rules C11 & C12 players who berate or belittle
their partner or opponet during a ND Tournament will be brought to the attention of the Tournament Director.
A 10 point off penalty could be assessed.

13. When the State Hall of Fame Award Banquet is held outside the Northern District, the ND President and
State Delegate or their representative is to be paid with a receipt by the Northern District for banquet tickets
and lodging using the FSA guidelines.

14. Any changes in the rules must be submitted in writing as a 10-Day Notice. All 10-Day Notices will be
accepted anytime during the year. At the January meeting 10-Day Notices will be read and a copy will be
provided to every club President and all elected Board members so they discuss those notices with their
club members. 10- Day Notices will not be discussed at the January meeting. All 10- Day Notices will be
discussed and voted on at the March meeting.

15. The NDFSA shall be guided by the By-Laws of the Florida Shuffleboard Association.

16. Hall of Fame rules: The points needed to qualify for the Northern District Hall of Fame is 200.
The points have to be accumulated by Dec 31st and the player will be admitted into the HOF by March
of the current season. If the points are earned after Dec 31st the player will be admitted into the NDHOF
the following season.

17A. Masters Points: Points shall be granted in all ND tournaments as follows:
Main Event: 5-4-3-2 Consolation: 2-1-1-1/2
B. A player has to play a minimum of five tournaments to qualify for the Masters. (Mar 2019)
C. Move Up Points: Main event 1-1-1-1 Consolation 1/2- 1/2- 1/2- 0

18. Tournament Director Compensation: Tournament Directors are to be paid $100. plus $.50 per player.
A person who wishes to become a tournament director may help a director run a tournament will be paid $25.
to be paid by the NDFSA Treasurer. If one time is not considered enough, the ND President may authorize
more times and will be paid $25. each time. If a TD must return for a third day to complete a tournament the
TD may request and receive an additional $25. to be paid by the ND Treasurer. No more than Two directors
will be assigned.

19. Keeper of Records shall receive up to $250. per season only for expenses.

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