Results from State Tournament A16b

The Leesburg Shuffleboard Club hosted the State Tournament A16b tournament on January 30th. Rod Lewis was the Director and Amerilife, LSBC was the sponsor. There were 8 teams of shufflers who came for the challenge. Congratulations to all the shufflers.

1st. Paul Ayotte & Don Velcio ……….Leesburg
2nd Gloria Boring & Karen Basner…..Holiday RV Village
3rd Tom Brown & Roger Brown…..Leesburg
4th Ron Theriault & Ben Brannock …….Mid-Florida Lakes/Clerbrook

1st Doug Peuler & Jerry Prillwitz…….Holiday RV Village
2nd Steve Clark & Steve Smith…..Mid-Florida Lakes/Hawthorne
3rd Max Collin & Jaime Menendez……Mid-Florida Lakes
4th Randy Kuenzel & Julie Kuenzel…….Mid-Florida Lakes

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