ND Masters Tournament 3/23/2023

The Leesburg Shuffleboard Club hosted the 2023 Masters Tournament. Rod Lewis was the Director and Gail Howell and Carol Helfer did a great job organizing the tournament and setting up all the food and entertainment for the Masters Banquet which followed the tournament. Stan Williamson was the MC for the night’s entertainment. There were trophy presentations, pin presentations and entertainment by Rick Enright as Elvis, Jim Faust playing his banjo and Zak Wonson and Joe Inga as Abbot and Costello. They presented George Snyder with an Iron Man Award for successfully playing in all Northern District Tournaments this season. Stan had some really big red underwear? Tom Brown and Gloria Boring were presented with the Frank Wilson Special Award for Amateur Winners of the TOC.

Ray Parlberg was well on his way to Hall of Fame when his wife became ill. He is now 89 years old and has done so much to promote the ND Shuffleboard that he was given an honorary entry into the Hall of Fame and presented with the traditional Red Jacket. Congratulations to all the shufflers, have a really great and safe summer.

1.   George Snyder                                              Clermont
2.   Rex Galusha                                                  Coronado/Mainland
3.   John Giumarra                                              Deland
3.   Zak Wonson                                                  Coronado/Mainland
5.   Stan Williamson                                            Coronado/Mainland
6.   Vern Ivey                                                       Leesburg
6.   Joe Inga                                                          Deland
8.   Dave Dean                                                     Leesburg

1.   Doris Hanke                                                  Hawthorne
2.   Sharon Upson                                                Hawthorne
3.   Gail Howell                                                    Leesburg
4.   Carol Helfer                                                   Leesburg
5.   Cindy Wonson                                              Coronado/Mainland
5.   Chris Inga                                                      Deland
7.   Debbie Evans                                                Coronado/Mainland
8.   Christine Giumarra                                       Deland

1.   Bob Augusto                                                  Coronado/Mainland
2.   Tom Brown                                                    Leesburg
3.   Mark Gephart                                                Coronado/Mainland
4.   Tom Grubb                                                    Coronado/Mainland
5.   Brad Simons                                                  Deland
6.   Doug Peuler                                                   Holiday RV Village
7.   Steve Clark                                                    Mid-Florida Lakes
8.   Steve Smith                                                    Hawthorne

1.   Suzanne DeRocchi
2.   Gloria Boring                                                 Holiday RV Village
3.   Janet Shira                                                      Coronado/Mainland
3.   Sheila Taylor                                                 Clermont
3.   Phyllis Sokol-Wood                                     Leesburg
6.   Karen Basner                                                 Holiday RV Village
6.   Diana Vincent                                                Mid-Florida Lakes
8.   Debi Clark                                                      Leesburg

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